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|  The Challenge

we each have a unique “Earprint” individual Audio Profile which dictates how we best experience sound. No one sound system is perfect for everyone. Listening to unbalanced audio will always mean missing something.


Today’s world is highly reliant on mobile device audio clarity to ensure instructions are easily understood and correct responses are given – whether they be notifications on your phone, tablet, in your home from Smart Assistants (e. g. Alexa) or in-car GPS directions. This is not to mention the added enjoyment of music, movies, social media, videos and games.


Hearing loss and degeneration represents a major challenge for anybody. Seniors are of particular concern as their quality of life can be severely hampered through hearing loss, and this becomes a daily challenge.


|   Statistics

Disabling Hearing Loss: Global Population Projections

Disabling Hearing Loss refers to hearing loss greater than 40 dB in adults (15 years or older) and greater than 30 dB in children (0 to 14 years); (i. e. sounds need to be above this level to hear them) 

There are estimated to be:

_3xGroup 2.png

466 million

persons in the world with Disabling Hearing Loss

432 million

(242 million males, 190 million females)

34 million 

of these are children

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|  Business Case

Global smartphone wholesale

revenue will grow 


over the next 5 years

Global smartphone sales are predicted to reach over 2.00 billion units by 2025. Mobile phone use now extends way beyond two-way communication. It includes music, video viewing, social networking, GPS directions, gaming and much more. Breaking the barriers resulting from hearing impairment is our initial goal. But any user can benefit from using Tunefork, enjoying an improved audio experience from their mobile device. Our advanced audio technology and personal Audio Profiles can be integrated with any "smart" device – e. g. smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, tablets and many other IoT audio devices, smart assistants, or GPS devices.

bussines case
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|   Smart Speakers Usage- Global

Which country has the highest number of smart speaker users?

Group 17_2x.png



Group 12_2x.png


USA 74.2M


Group 11_2x.png

UK 12.6M

Group 15_2x.png



Group 16_2x.png



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