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Hearing is an individual experience 

each of us has a unique hearing “earprint” and that’s why your smart device audio system needs to be different and perfectly attuned to your hearing needs.

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We offer flawless clarity of sound

from your smart device every time you connect: chatting, listening to music, video, gaming…precisely matched to your personal Audio Profile for a consistently optimal hearing experience.

It’s simple, non-invasive, no cost and highly effective:


Please Use Headphones

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Tunefork is an audio personalization technology

that creates a personal audio “earprint” to ensure the ultimate hearing experience over smart mobile devices.

Perfectly match your smart device


to your hearing needs with our personalized Audio Profile, bringing absolute sound clarity to your mobile listening experience.

Clinically accurate match to your hearing needs 

whether you have a hearing disability or just want to vastly improve your mobile listening experience. Check your own earprint with our DEMO.

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