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Our Vision: To offer improved Quality of Life through improved Quality of Hearing

Our Mission: To deliver highly personalized Audio Profiles to ensure optimum mobile device sound.

Tunefork is audio personalization technology software that delivers an optimal hearing experience.

Both founders, CEO Tomer Shor and CTO Yoav Blau, have people close to them with hearing disabilities – Tomer’s father and Yoav’s wife. Their struggle with everyday activities, such as phone conversations, watching television and listening to music, motivated Tomer and Yoav to seek ways to improve the quality of life for people affected in similar ways.

Tunefork has won dozens of top prizes in international and local start-up competitions and attracted leading investors in Israel, Europe and the United States.

The company is presently in the POC process with major global smart device and telecom companies. It has offices in Ra’anana, Tel Aviv and a development center in Jerusalem.


|  What We Do

TuneFork is an audio personalization technology software that delivers an optimal hearing experience, improving the quality of life for people with hearing loss and seniors.

Hearing loss affects more than 400 million people around the world, Most seniors (more than 1 billion worldwide) generally suffer from some degree of hearing loss, making their everyday lives challenging. Many of them experience difficulty using their smart devices such as smartphones, smart homes, smart assistants, smart automotive and more, all of which rely on clarity of sound for efficient operation.

TuneFork enables the user to perform a simple hearing test and grades the user's specific hearing problem. The test results, paired with sophisticated algorithms to adjust frequencies, create an optimal, custom-made audio experience for the user – a personalized Audio Profile.

TuneFork can be integrated into any operating system and can optimize all audio content: phone calls, rings and alerts, TV shows, voice messages, music, video, GPS instructions, in-car infotainment, smart assistant response and much more.


|   Customers / Partners

Offers the most advanced Android devices optimized to assist individuals who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, have a speech  impediment or mobility difficulties.

An app that helps reduce loneliness in the elderly community, by creating social–therapy experiences using music!

The ultimate LIVE music experience. Instantly share your music LIVE; be the DJ or follow others you know, live chat and discover music around you.

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|   Meet The Team

Tomer Shor


Experienced with project and product management as part of his Israeli army service in unit 8200

Yoav Blau 


Over 10 years’ experience as a programmer. Currently conducting a study in Nano-electro-optics towards a PhD in Electrical Engineering

David Oladovsky


MSc in Computer Engineering; experience in a wide range of technologies, project/program life-cycle management and cross-location coordination

Gabriel Roth

CEO, Gal Hearing Systems

Expert in biotechnological and nuclear reactor engineering; inventor and owner of medical and audiology patents, specialist in hearing rehabilitation and treatment of tinnitus

Yehonatan Roth

 VP Gal Hearing Systems

Expert in communications; an acoustics engineer and lecturer in hearing rehabilitation

Julian Weiss

More than 30 years’ experience working in various programming, project and management roles and has significant proficiency in all aspects of product success. He holds a BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science from University College London

Dr. Alain Wiesenthal

Chief Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Brantford General Hospital (Ontario, Canada); Assistant Clinical Professor, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

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