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The problem

Hearing is an individual experience. Each of us has a unique hearing “Earprint” –an individual
Audio Profile which dictates how we best experience sound. Hearing loss is a disability which
affects 1.3 billion people around the world, making their everyday lives challenging. Many
of them experience difficulty using their smart devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart
speakers and more, all of which rely on clarity of sound for efficient operation.

The solution

Tunefork is a software solution that improves the quality of life through quality of hearing,
using state of the art "Audio Personalization" technologies.
Tunefork invites the user to conduct a simple hearing test which characterizes the user's
specific hearing condition. The hearing test is at a professional, clinically accurate standard.
It generates a personal audiogram that’s only possible by using Tunefork's unique calibration
method – developed and implemented in the company's laboratory. Tunefork allows the
user to self-test their hearing as many times as they need, in a fast and convenient process.
The audiogram paired with sophisticated algorithms to adjust frequencies, create an
optimal, custom-made audio experience for the user – a personalized Audio Profile. The
personal profile can be integrated into smart devices and apps and improve the user’s
hearing experience.
Another important use is the simple and convenient monitoring of everyone's hearing
condition over time; thanks to the accuracy of the test, the hearing condition can be
almost accurately predicted. Depending on the results, you can seek treatment or hearing
rehabilitation as soon as a hearing problem is discovered that requires it.
The Tunefork company works in cooperation with hearing institutes, clinics, and hospitals to
provide users with an accessible and professional service in case they need the intervention
of a professional such as an ENT doctor, audiologist, or hearing rehabilitation specialist.

Comparative advantages

- Software-only solution, easy to integrate
- The most accurate test - the best audio profile
- Product proven by clinical tests and trials
- Patent-based (US10368154B2)
- Financial Times winner, MidemLabs winner
- Team of expert audiologists, electrical engineers and software developers

More info:

Hearing loss is a common issue for the Veteran community, with more than 1.2 million
Veterans receiving hearing loss compensation. Loss of hearing can have major impacts on an
individual’s emotional, cognitive, and even physical well-being. This also means that hearing
aids need to be adjusted and corrected regularly.

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